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Humanistic Customized Industrial Material handling Solutions

Based on the concept of "humanistic intelligence" in Industry 5.0, Remarkable takes more non-technical factors into consideration in design. We care about all the stakeholders, such as users, manufacturers, sellers, etc., and we provide people-oriented solutions rather than technology-driven ones.

There are many experienced technical engineers in Remarkable, who can provide humanistic customized solutions and solve industrial material handling problems for important customers in  areas such as aerospace, nuclear power, metallurgy, coal, heavy industry, power, manufacturing, construction...

What is the support for a solution that satisfies customers?
  • Humanistic concept

  • Fully self-designed products

  • Advanced technology

  • Prevention in advance

    At the very beginning of formulating a solution, our engineers will predict the faults that might occur during the equipment utilization and avoid risks in advance. In order to enhancing work efficiency for customers, we design transfer carts/trolleys from the angle of human engineering and offer complimentary operation guiding videos for better use and maintenance.

    Life cycle service

    Remarkable established a standardized service guarantee system which covers pre-sale, in sale and post-sale. We offer life cycle service, and Remarkable will always be with you!

    All staff participation

    All employees who participate in design, manufacturing, quality inspection, maintenance or any other part of a project will serve you with sincerity and actual action, to provide top purchase experience for you.

  • Basic type

    This type of transfer carts/trolleys can only meet basic needs, transporting industrial materials  from one point to another.

    Custom-designed type

    In order to adapt to different application scenarios, our transfer carts/trolleys could be  installed many more functions, such as explosion-proof, anti-high temperature, intelligent operation, multi-cart linkage, precise positioning, omnidirectional movement, lifting and overturning, crane type, remote control, safety protection, various loadhandling systems...

    PS: Depending on your specific needs, any of Remarkable's transfer carts/trolleys can be intelligent and upgraded to AGV.

  • Safety & obstacle avoidance

    Remarkable cares about the safety of users. All series of our transfer carts/trolleys can be added various or multi-level safety protection devices, such as remote deceleration, collision stop, automated obstacle avoidance and stop, off stop, sound and light alarm, remote control stop, electromagnetic automatic brake, manual brake, spring buffer and slope stop.

    Positioning& Navigation

    Our transfer carts/trolleys is highly precise in positioning and navigation, and the positioning error can be controlled within ± 1mm ~ ± 3mm. Remarkable offers a variety of positioning and automated navigation devices for you. The positioning devices include RFID card positioning, mechanical positioning, limit switch positioning, landmark identification positioning, workpiece positioning, and charging positioning. The navigation devices include magnetic navigation, laser navigation, visual navigation, inertial navigation and SLAM.

    Intelligent Control

    We use the American GE programmable controller with excellent quality for Intelligent control and accurate calculation, which ensures the running precision of transfer carts/trolleys.

    Multi-sensor Fusion

    To implement more than one function at the same time is inseparable from multi-sensor fusion technology. Both the obstacle avoidance function and the navigation function are implemented by the combination of ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, laser sensors, visual sensors and advanced algorithms.

Typical Application

Multi-device cooperation

In intelligent factories and automated workshops, transfer carts/trolleys must be highly intelligent or AGVizd, and can work with other equipment and operation platforms to realize  intelligent manufacturing and fully automaed production. In response to such needs, Remarkable has designed and produced multifunctional transfer cart and multivehicle coordinated operation transfer cart. Various devices can be installed on the countertop of the multifunctional transfer cart and multivehicle coordinated operation transfer cart to fit the intelligent requirements and automated programs in customers' production processes.

Multi-device cooperation

Anti-high temperature & Explosion-proof

In industries such as metallurgy, coal, military, nuclear power, Chemical, sandblasting, spray painting, transfer carts/trolleys usually work in high-temperature conditions, and anti-high temperature & explosion-proof are necessary functions of transfer carts/trolleys. Coping with high temperature environment, Remarkable proposed the following solutions: using anintegral frame structure that is compressive, tensile, and anti-high temperature; installing high load bearing wheels and hot dip galvanizing grille plates with good heat dissipation performance. In order to make a cart/trolley has explosion-proof function, the electric box, wheels, car body and remote controller we have configured for it have reached explosion-proof level.

Anti-high temperature & Explosion-proof

Complex and special environments

Sometimes, industrial materials need to be transported in complex and special environments, which asks more from transportation tools. Our steering wheel omnidirectional mobile trackless transfer carts and RGV automated rail transfer carts/trolleys (such as the ferry rail transfer trolley and the vertical and horizontal moving automated rail transfer trolley) can solve this kind of problem. The advantages "free and flexible driving in all directions and small turning radius" of the steering wheel omnidirectional mobile trackless transfer cart, the design of "the main vehicle and the sub-vehicle" of the rail ferry transfer trolley and the rail change function of the vertical and horizontal moving automated rail transfer trolley are specially designed for complex and special environments.

Complex and special environments
PS:In addition to the applications described above, Remarkable can solve many more industrial material handling problems. We are able to meet all your needs!
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