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What Remarkable Do?

Remarkable provides humanistic customized industrial material handling solutions for the whole world, and solves material handling problems for important customers in aerospace, nuclear power, metallurgy, coal, heavy industry, power, manufacturing, construction and other industries.

Our solutions are suitable for all kinds of industries around the world, which have been exported to many countries, such as the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Singapore, Thailand.

Henan Remarkable Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Remarkable in intelligent technology

High temperature environment, narrow space, climbing slope with load, hazardous Industrial material handling ... a lot of work that is hard for humanbeings to do can be handed over to transfer carts/trolleys.

Warehouse material handling, material handling across multiple workshops ... all places for industrial material handling that need high efficiency can choose transfer carts/trolleys.

Explosion-proof, anti-high temperature, intelligent operation, multi-cart linkage, precise positioning, omnidirectional movement, lifting and overturning, crane type, remote control, safety protection, various load handling system ... any non-standard or complex function you need can be added to Remarkable’s transfer carts/trolleys.

Your satisfaction, our mission!

Creating Value for Customers

It is Remarkable’s sacred mission to meet customers’requirements, and we try our best to create value for customers. Remarkable strictly implements 4P quality assurance system and CAC service guarantee system, and provides excellent products and humanistic service, thus helps customers in improving efficiency and reducing costs!

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Creating Value for Customers


Concentrating on carrying, go more stable and farther.


Remarkable, make carrying easier.


Honest, Professional, Innovative, Efficient.

Service Concept

It is our sacred mission to meet customers’ requirements.

Quality concept

To win the market with quality.

Safety concept

Quality first, prevention first.

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Be a customer of Remarkable

1. You will get transfer carts/trolleys that fully meet your needs as well as sincere friendly lifelong service.

2. Remarkable shares experience without reservation, so that you can avoid detours in industrial material handling.

3. Remarkable makes every effort to be helpful and create value for you. You can stand on Remarkable's shoulders and go higher and farther.