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Our products have certificates of CE, ISO9001, etc.
4P = Prediction + Pretreatment + Process + Performance
  • The FirstP


    At the very beginning of formulating a solution, our engineers will predict the faults that might occur during the equipment utilization relying on their rich experience, and avoid quality risks in advance.

  • The SecondP

    Pretreatment of Material

    Before getting inside the warehouse, all steel plates must be pretreated and testified to be qualified.

  • The ThirdP

    Process Inspection

    There is quality inspection in every process. The previous process can be allowed to enter the next one only if it is qualified. The whole process inspection records must be well preserved.

  • The FourthP

    Performance Test

    Before delivery, all the transfer carts/trolleys must undergo performance test, including load forward and backward, obstacle avoidance, omnidirectional mobile, slope climbing, lifting, wireless remote control, etc.

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